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At TDS, it is not about providing normal technical assistance. Clients view this consulting entity as a partner and team member. Together – we have shared commitments and achievements, risks and opportunities, as well as rewards and benefits. Passion is fueled by purpose and together our purpose must make sense.

Our goal is to make certain that you get the most out the relationship by providing your company with information and not just a service and monthly invoices. There is great interest to connect with who you are and the value behind what you are doing and identify how TDS may assist with meeting the ultimate goal!


… and ends with results.




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IT Management

The central aim of IT management is to generate value through the use of technology. To achieve this, technology can be aligned via a methodology that fits the strategy of your business. Most organizations have computers in place but the need for them being dependable and purposeful remains a struggle.

Technology procurement advice and assistance, inventory tracking, technical vendor management, and equipment setup are a few benefits of TDS to providing your business IT management. Technology has a purpose and it must only be purchased for a reason even if to fulfill a non-functional desire. Once this need is identified, research can be performed to choose the right technology for the business need that is to be addressed. This is done by determining the qualities and placing a request in the competitive market to gain a cost related productive point. The idea is to have a business full of purposeful technology that is future proof to a reasonable degree.

Other advantages are backup and network administration, remote & on-site technical support. These items are things that you should never have to think about but confidently understand their existence. The backup of the data computers store and the network they operate on are to be available and safe. A computer is a machine and all machines require maintenance. Technical support is an asset that enables your business to be ready, eliminating the need to get ready. The idea is to enhance its performance and ideally that of the business user.

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Application Services

This firm is the bridge between business problems and technology solutions. The need to carry out and manage day-to-day operations, pull organizational reports of services and client base, and compete in the marketplace is simplified with a custom application. TDS handles every phase of the analysis and development process to ensure that your business system captures the value of business throughput.

To discuss a typical use case where a Managed Care Specialist performs a direct counseling session with an active client and uses a hand note or a word processing file to document the event. The drawback here is the agency is hindered from capturing accurate and valid information that is useful for extensive analysis. Entering this event in an information system provides the opportunity to locate service gaps, comply with contractual and regulatory requirements, and formulate a case for additional process and economic growth.

Application Services helps businesses do business better by enabling change in an organizational context. For advice on developing policies and procedures that provide strategic, tactical, and operational value, contact us.

Technical Aptitude Training

As technology advances, so should our understanding of basic computer essentials and the use of productivity tools. The latest evolution in this area of business functionality is Office 365 and Google Apps. This progressive development service supports long-term learning and effective work habits down to quick updates on various topics. Personal growth is important for business growth in employee service excellence, communication, and effective management.

TDS can assess the training needs of your organization and improve your most important resource – staff; or better yet – your clients and the community. Technology is a tool and it is only as effective as the user controlling it. TDS providing a training directly complements internal support activities such as human resource management and technological development.

Let us bring a new edge to your computer lab by sitting down and plan a training that your staff or clients will find worthy.

Website Development

Looking for a website that presents the vision of your business but does not cost a fortune and something that you can easily manage yourself after it is built if necessary. TDS loves WordPress; it’s open source and free, easy to understand from the user end, and we use it to deliver our own web content.

A website is one of the most important interfaces that a business may use to connect with Internet users. Our designs are simple, yet effective by placing the user in control. Identifying simple questions that visitors may ask themselves shall influence the design and identify the visibility of specific images, content, and navigation controls. Our web layouts are built to anticipate the actions of users and to understand the required focus order. People visit your site for a reason and this need must be fulfilled or they will navigate elsewhere.

With our assistance, you can ensure the design will improve user perception of the content or services provided by the site in a way that is ergonomically sound.


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Thank you for visiting the site and I look forward to engaging and learning about you and your business!

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